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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2010-10-06

In this issue:  Income inequality, Star Wars in 3D, and TV
ad volume.

Amid a heated debate over expiring tax cuts, BusinessWeek
says new Census data shows that income inequality is widening.

---Free Speech---
Time Europe asks how America should handle extreme speech. 
Free-speech protections in the U.S. are stronger than in any
other place on earth at perhaps any time in history,
observes Columbia University president Lee Bollinger, a
First Amendment scholar.

Inspired by Avatar, George Lucas is preparing to give the 3D
treatment to the six films in the Star Wars for theatrical
re-release, according to Home Theater.

  Document Clustering

The House Republican plan to deny funds to Obama's health
overhaul could be difficult and risky, according to

PC Magazine reports that Toshiba's latest breakthroughs in
bit-patterned media promise areal densities of up to 2.5 Tb
per square inch -- which could lead to 25TB 3.5-inch drives.

Home Theater reports that the CALM Act requires the FCC to
enforce rules for TV ad volumes.