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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2010-09-29

In this issue:  Elections in Afghanistan, Munger's thoughts
on the bank bailout, and genetically altered salmon.

Time Asia reports that Afghans braved bombings, violence,
ambushes and threats to cast their votes for members of the
lower house of parliament on Sept. 18.

Warren Buffet's right-hand man is right about the bank
bailout.  BusinessWeek warns that a billionaire has to be
careful, though, about telling the masses to "suck it up."

Inching toward FDA approval, AquaBounty's genetically
altered salmon stirs critics.  BusinessWeek says people at
environmental and food-safety groups are concerned about how
the FDA is handling the review.

Despite terrible problems in Mexico, once On Wall Street
thinks remittances from Mexican nationals working north of
the border will begin to add marginal momentum to Mexico's
economic growth once the U.S. recovery begins to create jobs.