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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2010-08-18

In this issue:  Floods in Pakistan, an interesting market
for the iPad, and predicting the next big thing.

The floods are unrelenting.  Nearly a month since heavy
monsoon rains began to devastate remote regions of Pakistan,
intensifying in force as they spread, Time Asia says the
picture of the damage wrought only worsens.

According to BusinessWeek, seniors love the ease of use
Apple's iPad offers, and they have the money for it.

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---Oil Spill---
For all the environmental and economic harm caused by the
disaster in the Gulf, Time Europe says the most lasting --
and least visible -- damage could be inflicted on the mental
health of its victims.

Can computers pick the next big thing?  BusinessWeek says
human interaction can't be reduced to algorithms.

Motley Fool says people should stop celebrating JetBlue
flight attendant Steven Slater.