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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2010-08-11

In this issue:  The cause of high unemployment, energy
innovation, and saving money on travel.

---Cell Phones---
In the ultimate power move, there are people who don't own a
cell phone.  BusinessWeek says they're making the world work
for them.

Motley Fool has a proposal to lower health-care costs and
boost the economy.
Motley Fool ponders whether unemployment is high because
Congress pays the unemployed to sit on their butts, or
whether there is another explanation.

HBS Working Knowledge says Rebecca Henderson explores the
histories of innovation in four sectors of the U.S. economy
in her book, Accelerating Innovation in Energy: Insights
from Multiple Sectors.

  Document Clustering

AskMen lists seven iPad apps that, if not directly related
to personal finance management, at the very least help you
find savings in everyday life situations.

Get the most out of your summer vacation by hitting hot
spots suggested by BusinessWeek when their business is cool.