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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2010-08-04

In this issue:  Book recommendations, the evolution of
comedy, and the role of robots in dealing with the oil spill.

BusinessWeek reviews this summer's best beach books.

Funny or Die is helping reinvent comedy for the Web -- and
everyone from Oscar winners to teen stars is clamoring to
jump on board, according to Time Europe.

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Even before the Jan. 12 earthquake that wrecked Haiti and
killed more than 200,000 people, the phone company Denis
O'Brien founded, Digicel, was the nation's largest investor.
 Time Europe says it has donated and raised $20 million for
Haiti since the quake.

At BP, the Americans are coming and the British are going,
according to Motley Fool.  Has the stock become a buy?
IEEE Spectrum looks at the lessons about robotics learned
from BP's oil spill in the Gulf.
IEEE Spectrum talks about the "glider" robotic subs that are
tracking the spread of BP's oil slick.
While BP deals with the aftermath of the biggest accidental
oil spill in history, Chemistry World reports that slicks
were left licking the shores of Dalian in northeast China
following the country's first large-scale oil spill last month.