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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2010-07-07

In this issue:  More on financial reform, Google's impact on
our lives, and the World Cup.

Another apparent case of corporate cluelessness might have a
happy ending.  Motley Fool says Best Buy is receiving some
well-deserved bad publicity, after suspending an employee
who made a comedy video about the iPhone.
The House passed a bill to reform the financial services
industry, leaving the Senate to vote on it after the July 4
recess.  Motley Fool talks to experts about the implications.

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IT Expert Nicholas Carr talks to Motley Fool about his new
book, The Shallows.  The book focuses on the effect Google
and persistent information have on our lives.  He offers
stock purchase advice too.

---World Cup---
Sports Central has five quick thoughts on the World Cup, and
the need for instant reply.
AskMen takes some team-building lessons from Joachim Loew,
the coach of Germany's World Cup team.