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MagPortal wishes all of our U.S. readers a good Independence

In this issue:  Reforming the financial services industry,
Tesla Motors' IPO, and France's performance in the World Cup.

---Bank Reform---
After a herculean 20-hours straight of negotiations,
Congressional committee members agreed Friday morning to a
Wall Street reform package that will be much tougher on the
country's banks, according to Registered Rep.
Motley Fool ponders whether the financial regulation bill
was harsh enough.

Seasoned Cooking lists the top 10 must-have barbeque items
for the 4th of July.  If you want your friends to talk about
your 4th of July barbecue for years to come, then don't
forget to have as many of these critical ingredients as you can.

Tesla Motors' IPO offering is the first by an American
carmaker since Ford's in 1956, and investors are hot for the
shares.  Motley Fool analyzes what they are getting for
their money.
Cisco Systems announced a massive push into the Russian
market by investing more than $1 billion in the country over
the next decade.  Motley Fool looks at ETFs available for
investors wanting exposure to Russia.

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The Gulf Oil spill aside, BusinessWeek says U.S. energy
security could suffer if BP fails or is significantly
reduced in size.

---World Cup---
Sports Central says France's 2-1 World Cup loss to South
Africa mercifully ended arguably the most disgraceful
performance in the history of the World Cup.  How did the
1998 champions and 2006 finalists fall so stunningly from
the top of international soccer?