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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2010-06-23

In this issue:  Lithium in Afghanistan, Facebook privacy,
and drug recalls.

Motley Fool says vast riches of lithium in Afghanistan could
play a key role in the push for greener cars.

Sara Lee chief executive Brenda Barnes took medical leave in
May, and then two days ago announced that she's been
recovering from a stroke.  Motley Fool says investors should
be indignant because disclosure is as much a right for
shareholders as privacy is for those acting as stewards of
other people's money.

Search Engine Watch lists steps Facebook users and
publishers can take to avoid letting private information get
into the wrong hands.

Motley Fool says Johnson & Johnson's McNeil Consumer
Healthcare division expands its recall on Tylenol and Motrin
Chemistry World says recent drug withdrawals and
manufacturing failures have highlighted the importance of
ensuring that the medicines patients take contain what it
says on the label.

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Motley Fool says it is becoming clearer each day that BP was
the culprit in the Gulf spill.

BusinessWeek says money manager Kenneth Starr is charged
with taking money from rich clients and spending it on
himself and his fourth wife.  How could it have been so easy?

Time Europe looks at the risks and rewards of synthetic biology.

---World Cup---
As incredible as Argentina's Lionel Messi is, he's not the
World Cup's most valuable player.  AskMen says that title
belongs to Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo.