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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2010-06-16

In this issue:  NBA finals, best new books, and side effects
of the World Cup.

Celtics/Lakers are on to the final act.  Sports Central says
that for the first time in four years, no one has a clue
who's winning this thing.

Break out the hammocks and beach chairs!  Outside presents
the best new books of summer, including "War," by Sebastian

---Celebrity Chefs---
They start behind the counter and end up in the spotlight. 
Time Europe looks at the phenomenon of the celebrity chef,
and how it has transformed the restaurant industry and even
changed the way we eat.

  Document Clustering

IEEE Spectrum says a Florida start-up thinks it can save the
Gulf with oil-eating microbes, but experts doubt it
Motley Fool pranksters on Twitter represent yet another mess
that BP can't seem to clean up.
Motley Fool discusses the situation in the Gulf of Mexico,
what it means for you at the pump, and what the future holds
for BP.
Motley Fool says Gulf states could be further hit by the ban
on deepwater drilling.

Search Engine Watch says keyword search data indicates
searchers have moved on or lost interest after outcries over
Facebook's policy privacy.

---World Cup---
With thousands of fans traveling to South Africa for the
2010 FIFA World Cup, Bank Systems & Technology says there is
potential for increased credit card fraud.
With the start of the World Cup England is preparing for the
possibility of failure by telling women how to avoid the
inevitable spousal abuse that comes with an English loss,
according to Sports Central.