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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2010-06-09

In this issue: Obesity, oil, and a warning for soccer fans.

Time Asia says Yukio Hatoyama was no spark plug as Japan's
Prime Minister.

Food Processing says 16 companies have joined the First
Lady's efforts to combat childhood obesity.

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BusinessWeek reports that thousands of would-be saviors have
responded to the call for fixing BP's oil spill, but few
have made it into actual testing, frustrating entrepreneurs.
Motley Fool provides an update on the Gulf spill, and notes
that Obama has changed his mind on shallow-water drilling.
Motley Fool discusses how the oil industry is handling the
deepwater drilling freeze.
Sometimes, CEO comments make a disaster worse.  Motley Fool
wishes BP would put a "containment dome" on their own toxic
commentary leaks.
Is there a way around agency capture?  Motley Fool ponders
whether we will we learn from letting Big Oil get too close
to its U.S. regulators.

---World Cup---
Search Engine Watch warns sports fans looking for
information on the 2010 FIFA World Cup to beware of cyber
criminals that continue hijacking current news and events to
serve malware.
AskMen comments on the World Cup, country by country.