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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2010-05-26

In this issue:  Reforming Wall Street, implications of
Greece's problems, and a look at ultralight laptops.

Motley Fool looks at the Senate's bill to reform Wall Street.

China's government says it is considering every angle to
stop the violence against school children in a recent series
of assaults, according to Time Asia.

So much for the euro as the dollar's rival.  Time Europe
says the sickly currency now threatens the global economic
Motley Fool examines the biggest threat from Greece that no
one talks about.  The worry is that Greece's mess will
hammer the euro currency.

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Entrepreneur surveys ultralight laptops.

BusinessWeek looks at what CEOs are saying in their college
commencement speaches.  They are talking about corporate
responsibility, Wall Street, and belief in oneself.