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Happy Cinco de Mayo!

In this issue:  Questioning Goldman Sachs, Oprah Winfrey's
success, and Choose Privacy Week.

---Goldman Sachs---
Motley Fool says the congressional panel spent hours running
circles around the question of whether or not Goldman Sachs
was betting against its clients, when the question could
have been answered pretty quickly.
On Wall Street says the Securities and Exchange Commission's
lawsuit against Goldman Sachs may well be the catalyst for
setting a universal fiduciary standard for the financial
advisory industry.
Shortly after the SEC made public its fraud complaint
against Goldman Sachs, CEO Lloyd Blankfein contacted Warren
Buffett to ask for advice.  Warren's been here before, but
he's keeping mum, so Motley Fool provides advice for Goldman.
Fabrice Tourre's now infamous e-mail about Goldman joins a
long list of electronic messages that became symbols of
corporate wrongdoing, according to BusinessWeek.

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---Mother's Day---
AskMen reminds everyone that Mother's Day is just around the

Why is Oprah Winfrey so successful?  BusinessWeek says Kitty
Kelley, author of "Oprah: A Biography," has no idea.

Information Today says Choose Privacy Week, which takes
place May 2-8, 2010, is about bringing information privacy
issues out into the open and discussing them.

TiVo asked Congress to make retail devices as functional as
leased ones, according to Home Theater.

Chemistry World says the volcano in Iceland spewed ash and
smoke up to 10km into the sky - just short of typical
aircraft cruising height - prompting the authorities to take
immediate action and ban all flights across the region.