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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2010-02-24

In this issue:  Problems with Avandia, and documents on
Toyota's safety practices.

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood unveiled sample
legislation to be used as a starting point for states
crafting new laws to prohibit texting while
behind-the-wheel.  Currently, nineteen States have texting
laws, according to U.S. NHTSA.

Motley Fool says an unintended side effect of Glaxo's
Avandia might be excessive salivation among trial lawyers. 
A 342-page report by the Senate Finance Committee is
painting the diabetes drug in a not-so-great light.

  Document Clustering

AskMen interviews highly decorated snowboarder Shaun White.

Motley Fool says new documents paint Toyota's safety
practices in an even worse light.
Toyota's current situation is not a crisis of faulty brakes
and accelerators, but a leadership crisis.  Toyota needs a
credible leader with a strong, cohesive plan.  HBS Working
Knowledge provides seven recommendations for Akio Toyoda to
get his company back on track.