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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2010-02-17

In this issue:  Buzz, shoveling show, and the largest
commercial aircraft.

Although its legality has not been tested in court, AskMen
says a growing number of law enforcement agencies nationwide
are considering whether to adopt a technique that entails
looking through the DNA database for a near-match rather
than an exact match.

If the rulers of Dubai cringe at the bad publicity the
emirate city-state has copped since its go-go economy burst
in 2008, they have only themselves to blame, according to
Time Europe.

Time Asia asks what China's long-term interest in Iran is.

---Social Networking---
According to Insurance & Technology, Google's decision to
start a social networking site called Buzz pits the Internet
navigator directly against Facebook and Twitter.

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Popular Mechanics provides 16 rules for safe snow shoveling.

U.S. NHTSA says Toyota consumers should check the list of
recalled vehicles below and be sure to pay close attention
to their vehicles.
Popular Mechanics says the backlash against Toyota is
overblown.  In the midst of three major recalls, Toyota has
been hammered by daily newspaper and TV pieces suggesting it
has been slow to address safety problems.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration today
announced that it is using its statutory authority to obtain
documents from Toyota to determine if the automaker
conducted three of its recent recalls in a timely manner.

Popular Mechanics reports that the largest commercial
aircraft ever built in the United States, the Boeing 747-8,
took off on its maiden flight Monday afternoon.
Popular Mechanics says a transformer from Consolidated
Edison, New York City's sole electricity supplier, exploded
from beneath the sidewalk in an underground vault, creating
a fiery blast that shattered windows multiple stories high.