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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2010-02-03

In this issue:  Apple's iPad, President Obama's first State
of the Union, and Toyota's problem with sudden acceleration.

K-12 teachers told T.H.E. Journal the iPad could go a long
way in helping to connect educators with their students.
Motley Fool says Apple's "iPad" will be an easy target
comedians to ridicule.

---Health Care---
Motley Fool says health-care reform is dead.  Probably. 
Breaking up the bill doesn't seem like the answer. What do
insurers and pharmaceutical companies have to say?

AskMen provides advice on what you should do with your 401(k).

  Organize Your Documents

Popular Mechanics provides some highlights of President
Obama's first official State of the Union address to
Congress and the nation.

Toyota added to an already swollen recent recall list with
another monstrous 2.3-million vehicle callback.  Now,
Popular Mechanics reports that the company will stop
producing affected vehicles as it searches for a remedy.
What should you do if your car experiences sudden,
unintended acceleration?  Popular Mechanics gives some tips.
U.S. NHTSA spells out actions Toyota owners are advised to
take regarding two separate recalls, and a list of Toyota
models being recalled.
Popular Mechanics looks at Toyota's fix for the sudden
acceleration problem.  It is basically a shim that Toyota is
calling a steel reinforcement bar.
Motley Fool says Toyota's troubles are just beginning.  A
recall could force a reevaluation of the entire business.

AskMen says newly released government files offer a glimpse
into the money troubles that plagued Anna Nicole Smith at
the height of her notoriety, ranging from millions in
missing jewels to unpaid utility bills.