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In this issue:  Exercising your brain, the earthquake in
Haiti, and Google's tiff with China.

Cognitive fitness is a hot concept, but can fancy software
stave off dementia?  Time Europe looks at the products
available, and other methods to improve mental function.

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---Earthquake in Haiti---
Earthquakes don't occur as often in the Caribbean as they do
on land, but scientists say the quake that hit Haiti Tuesday
was not unprecedented, according to Insurance & Technology.
Could Haiti's earthquake tragedy have been prevented? 
According to Popular Mechanics, one group of scientists
thinks so.  Back in 2008, Eric Calais and Paul Mann,
geophysicists who study fault lines in the Caribbean,
predicted that Haiti would soon face such a devastating quake.
When calamity on the level of Haiti's earthquake strikes,
the first U.S. responders bear a heavy load.  Outnumbered
and overwhelmed, Navy sailors, Coast Guardsmen and
professional urban rescue teams will be some of the first to
save lives amid the rubble, according to Popular Mechanics.
The Motley Fool looks at the aid being sent to Haiti, and
explains how you can help.

Environmentalists have been giving cows a bad rap in recent
years.  Between what bovines eat and what they excrete,
cattle production emits a lot of greenhouse gas.  But if fed
solely grass, cows could play a key role in reversing
climate change, according to Time Europe.

---Google vs. China---
Popular Mechanics reports on Google's announcement that
Gmail accounts of Chinese dissidents had been hacked as part
of a broad spying operation apparently tied to the Chinese
BusinessWeek looks at Google's decision to stop censoring
search results in China even if it means having to exit the