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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2010-01-13

In this issue:  The Detroit Auto Show, the most promising
occupations, and the state of al-Qaeda.

---Bad News---
AskMen provides four steps to follow when breaking bad news
to someone.

Popular Mechanics provides pictures from the 2010 Detroit
Auto Show.
Two of the three Detroit carmakers have new chiefs since
last year's auto show, and Popular Mechanics says it's not a
stretch to say these men are more important than any model
on the show stands.

IEEE Spectrum says engineers created the problem of
cellphones in cars, but they may not be able to solve it.

InternetNews reports that Microsoft's first 'Patch Tuesday'
of the new year fixes a critical hole in Windows 2000.

  Organize Your Documents

As the threat of further downsizing begins to fade, we can
look forward to a slowly improving job market in 2010.  Job
Journal looks at some of the occupations most likely to
offer abundant opportunities for growth, decent pay, and
stability in the years ahead.

The 1531 veteran teams returning to the FIRST Robotics
Competition know anything goes when it comes to the rules
for the annual game, which change every year.  And, Popular
Mechanics says that's what makes it fun.

Time Europe looks at what al-Qaeda can't do.  The failed
Christmas bombing shows how far the terrorist network has
fallen since Sept. 11.
National Defense says the development of terrorists can not
be predicted in an individual with a one-size fits all profile.
AskMen says a Washington state blood center is offering
donors a deal: Give a pint of blood, get a pint of beer.
This week's face-off between whalers and anti-whaling
activists in the Antarctic Ocean was seemed like a deep-sea
battle straight out of a comic book.  Popular Mechanics says
the collision sent one of the most unique boats around to
the bottom of the Antarctic Ocean.