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Best wishes for the holidays from everyone at

In this issue:  The Dreamliner, Avatar, and Person of the Year.

Popular Mechanics reports that Boeing finally sent its new
787 Dreamliner on her maiden test flight, marking the first
time a mostly composite airliner has taken to the air.
Motley Fool says 787 success is just the beginning of
Boeing's good news.

---Health Care---
Motley Fool reports that the Senate has defeated an
amendment to allow Americans to import cheaper prescription

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First YouTube released the top videos of 2009 and now it's
offering tighter integration with Facebook, according to

Titanic director James Cameron pilots his fantasy epic
Avatar to screen.  Time Europe wonders, will it sink or swim?

---Person of the Year---
Motley Fool examines the choice of Fed Chief Bernanke as
2009's Person of the Year.

The U.S. Mint says it will now require purchases of
Sacagawea coins on credit cards to be handled as cash
advances to keep people from buying the coins at face value
on credit cards in order to accumulate credit card rewards,
according to Bank Systems & Technology.