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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2009-12-16

In this issue:  Unclean coal, green jobs, and climategate's
impact on science.

Bank Systems & Technology reports that sources close to
Citigroup say the last Wall Street banking giant with
bailout funds on its books has ramped up efforts to repay
its $20 billion federal loan.

Although coal-fired power plants are cleaner than they used
to be, Popular Mechanics says they are still bad news for
the environment and human health.

Motley Fool says General Mills is reducing the sugar in
kids' cereals.

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BusinessWeek says the results of a new survey on
satisfaction -- at home and at work -- may surprise you.

Are green jobs for real?  Popular Mechanics says the first
step in cutting through the hype surrounding green jobs is
simply to define them.

Popular Mechanics How James Cameron's Innovative New 3D Tech
Created Avatar   Cameron wrote his first treatment for the
movie in 1995 with the intention of pushing the boundaries
of what was possible with cinematic digital effects.

Chemistry World says politicians in the U.S. are raising the
pressure on chemists and other scientists to ensure their
work's legitimacy following the publication of emails
suggesting unethical research practices at the University of
East Anglia.

Time Europe says you should forget the Zhu Zhu hamster.  In
tough times, classic toys still hold their own.

Motley Fool reports that Congress is considering a bill that
would quiet down those noisy TV ads.