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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2009-12-09

In this issue:  Fritz Henderson resigns from GM, immigration
of low-skilled workers, and Tiger Woods' problems.

---Drunk Driving---
New data from the U.S. NHTSA shows states with best & worst
improvement in drunk driving fatality rates.

---General Motors---
With the sudden, unexpected resignation of CEO Fritz
Henderson, GM Chairman Ed Whitacre and the rest of the GM
board will begin the search for a new leader, according to
Motley Fool.
Who will replace Fritz Henderson?  Chairman Ed Whitacre
could still take the job, but BusinessWeek looks at some
heavy hitters with the chops to run GM.
Henderson's ouster leaves Whitacre and the board of mostly
Detroit outsiders calling the shots.  And BusinessWeek says
that's making GM's executives jittery

---Global Warming---
When leaders from 193 countries meet in Copenhagen, Denmark,
December 7-18, their mission will be to save the planet from
global warming, according to Outside.

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Recent studies suggest that both legal and illegal
immigration of low-skilled workers to the U.S. has positive
effects that have been overlooked, according to HBS Working

---Tiger Woods--- 
Into each charmed life, some rain must fall, often
accompanied by juicy headlines across the front of a tabloid
or breathless new tidbits on a computer screen, according to
Sports Central.
Sports Central says Tiger Woods' mysterious car accident,
and the subsequent speculation, was an embarrassing
situation in an otherwise sterling career.