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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2009-11-25

Hot Neuron LLC wishes everyone in the U.S. a happy Thanksgiving.

In this issue:  The outlook for retailers, gift ideas, and a
survey of obesity and diabetes in the U.S.

Motley Fool says that Black Friday will be ugly for
retailers this year.
What will it take to rev up the economy, revive the dormant
M&A market and avoid another market meltdown?  How will
banks win back customers trust?   U.S. Banker lists 10
things everyone will be talking about in the new year.

Two acquitted on the charge of economic espionage against
the U.S. could face a retrial on three other counts on which
a jury deadlocked, according to AskMen.

When it comes to holiday spending, Motley Fool gives tips
for saving money.
Motley Fool advocates giving children a monetary gift that
will multiply.  It points out many ways to give the gift of
stock to minors.
Powermat purports to cut the cords -- the charging mat uses
magnetic induction to wirelessly power up to three devices
that have been placed on the pad, according to Popular

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AskMen reports on the first county-by-county survey of
obesity and diabetes.

---Health Care---
Who's paying for health-care reform?  Motley Fool says you
are, of course.  Ensuring coverage of 94% of eligible
Americans will cost a trillion dollars over the next decade,
give or take a few billion depending on which chamber the
bill is coming out of.
HBS Working Knowledge interviews Richard M.J. Bohmer, MD,
and provides an excerpt from his book Designing Care:
Aligning the Nature and Management of Health Care.

In The Twilight Saga: New Moon, male members of the Native
American Quileute tribe -- descended, according to legend,
from wolves -- phase into horse-size wolves by popping out
of their skin.  Popular Mechanics looks at how animators
made that happen.