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In this issue:  Chrysler's turnaround plan, who will pay for
health care reform, and tax dollars for golf carts.

Well, now we know how Joe Girardi's gamble on a three-man,
three-days-rest World Series rotation worked for him. 
Sports Central reports that it won the Yankees a 27th World
Series title.

It's clear that while the name remains the same, the new
Chrysler is a very different organization than it was this
past spring, according to Popular Mechanics.

Insurance & Technology reports on a national survey by the
American Psychological Association indicating that stress
from school pressure and family finances is taking a toll on
U.S. teens.

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---Health Care---
BusinessWeek warns that a lot of health reform's costs could
be borne by the middle class, despite Obama's pledges.
Health-care reform is halfway to becoming a reality, with
the passage of the House bill on Saturday.  But Motley Fool
says the battle is just starting to heat up.

One impressively unique way to waste tax dollars is to
include golf carts in stimulus spending, according to Motley
For 20 years, conservatives have argued that Reagan's
toughness won the Cold War.  But Time Europe says his
biggest weapon was diplomacy.