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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2009-11-04

In this issue:  Transporting green energy, Health-Care
Reform Bill's implications, and the Nobel prize in chemistry.

Small business lender CIT declared bankruptcy, according to
Motley Fool.  Where does that leave investors, and the
taxpayers that propped it up through the TARP program?

AskMen reports that Columbus, Ohio city council members are
hearing complaints that police officers are saying citizens
who are fed up with crime in their neighborhoods should move
Bank Systems & Technology reports that a California couple
facing foreclosure on their home is being prosecuted for
kidnapping, beating and torturing two loan modification
agents they had hired to help them.

BusinessWeek asks whether the U.S. should subsidize vast
high-voltage lines to transport wind and solar electricity
to the big cities.

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---Health Care---
Motley Fool points out the winners and losers of the House's
Health-Care Reform Bill.

Three scientists who revealed the structure and workings of
the ribosome have shared the 2009 Nobel prize in chemistry,
according to Chemistry World.
AskMen reports that a South Korean stem cell scientist once
hailed as a hero for bringing hope to people with incurable
diseases and creating the world's first cloned dog was
convicted on criminal charges related to faked research, but
avoided jail.

Aircraft and ships are scouring the ocean off San Diego for
any signs of survivors of a nighttime collision of a Coast
Guard C-130 airplane and a Marine Corps attack helicopter,
according to Popular Mechanics.