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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2009-10-28

In this issue:  Windows 7, a dire outlook for the economy,
and reviving the public option.

Nissan's CEO predicts that EVs will make up 10 percent of
new-car sales by 2020.  To meet this anticipated demand,
Nissan partnered with NEC to engineer the lithium-ion
battery pack, according to Popular Mechanics.

Windows 7 has officially hit the market, and Popular
Mechanics says it is a welcome relief from Vista.

Popular Mechanics looks at Barnes & Noble's Nook ebook
reader.  It's got a small color navigation screen, the
ability to easily load your own photos, and it just begs to
be touched.

In a speech to the Value Investing Congress, David Einhorn
painted a dim view of our financial system and the
government's role of enabler, according to Registered Rep.
Is the stimulus spending working at all?  Time Europe says
it probably has helped, a little.  But it is also
stimulating a phony debate among Washington's partisans.

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Buying cheap drugs over the internet is well known to be a
risky business.  But Chemistry World says the sinister
menace of the 'falsified' active pharmaceutical ingredient
gets far less publicity.

---Health Care---
Insurers and taxpayers are likely to pay big chunks of the
$900 billion bill to overhaul the nation's health-care
system.  BusinessWeek says doctors will feel the least pain.
Motley Fool reports that the government-run public option,
which seemed all but dead just a few weeks ago, much to the
joy of health insurers, is looking like it might make a
The animated movie Astro Boy reflects that retrofuturistic
worldview, where humans exist side-by-side with androids and
take hovercars to work.  But Popular Mechanics says the
movie is not entirely faithful to the comic or the anime series.

Behind the Balloon Boy fiasco was a family in hot pursuit of
the new American Dream.  Time Europe points out that only in
the reality-TV era has unstable behavior become a valid
career choice.
Popular Mechanics reports that one service member was
killed, and eight injured, when a Black Hawk helicopter
crashed into a naval vessel off the coast of Virginia.
Popular Mechanics explains why helicopter missions in
Afghanistan are unusually dangerous.