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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2009-10-14

In this issue:  Afghanistan's presidential vote, fuel from
algae, and obtaining health insurance when laid off.

A former top U.N. official recounts to Time Europe the fraud
he witnessed during Afghanistan's presidential vote -- and
why he lost his job for speaking up.

---Data Loss---
Microsoft's Danger subsidiary has apparently lost the
server-stored data for T-Mobile's Sidekick phones.  Cases of
data loss like this could impact the cloud-computing
revolution, according to Motley Fool.

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Popular Mechanics looks at five companies that are making
fuel from algae.

---Health Insurance---
BusinessWeek provides tips on getting health insurance when
you're laid off.  The government is giving jobless workers
help with COBRA, but other plans may be better.

Motley Fool explains why requiring insurers to cover
pre-existing conditions needs to go hand-in-hand with
requiring healthy people to purchase insurance.

Can Dave Letterman survive his scandal better than the
politicians he's skewered?  With every new controversy,
culture warriors feverishly flip for examples of the other
side's hypocrisy, according to Time Europe.

Chemistry World reports that this year's chemistry Nobel
prize has been awarded to scientists working on the
chemistry of life -- the translation of DNA information into
proteins by the ribosome.

A journalist from Time Europe decides to produce his own
autobiography in just one day with the help of ghostwriter.