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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2009-10-07

In this issue:  Strokes, lying, and MythBusters.

A natural disaster is almost always lethal and cruel,
according to Time Asia.

Right now, the best that seismologists can do to "predict"
earthquakes is to send out a warning immediately after
activity is detected.  Popular Mechanics says researchers
are trying to do better.

AskMen describes the warnings signs of a stroke, types of
strokes, prevention, and rehabilitation.
With heart disease still the No. 1 killer across the U.S.
and Canada, AskMen says readers should be wary of some of
the myths related to heart disease.
Inc. reviews ten innovations that will improve quality of
life, and bring down health care costs.

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What if humans had never evolved the ability to lie?  That's
the premise posed by the movie The Invention of Lying. 
According to Popular Mechanics, without deception, humans
would likely be physically different.

---Roman Polanski--- 
The victim has asked repeatedly and without duress from
Roman Polanski to have the charges against him dropped.  She
has settled a civil case with him.  She has publicly
forgiven him.  ifeminists gives an opinion on whether that
is enough.

Should the U.S. tax fuel or miles traveled?  Popular
Mechanics says it's no surprise that proposals for new types
of taxes on seemingly free highways -- traditionally paid
for by gas taxes and tolls -- are causing an uproar.

Popular Mechanics looks at what's in store with the upcoming
season of MythBusters:  bullets, MPG tests and duct tape.

John Thain, former head of Merrill Lynch, sat down at The
Wharton School of Business to speak with MBA students and a
panel of experts.  Motley Fool thinks it's ridiculous to
honor him like he's some kind of post-war financial hero for
answering a few tough questions.