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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2009-09-23

In this issue:  The end of the recession, brain damage in
Fringe, and the state of things in Afghanistan.

Registered Rep. reports that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben
Bernanke proclaimed the 21-month recession over on Tuesday
-- but with an asterisk and two modifiers.

---Global Warming---
A panel of climate-change experts wants the U.S. government
to create a national service focused on forecasting the
effects of global warming, according to National Defense.

With the fall flu season rapidly approaching, AskMen
provides an update on swine flu.
Neurologist Justin Sattin reveals to readers of Popular
Mechanics why the depiction of brain damage in the season
two premiere of Fringe is misleading.

AskMen says that Americans who grew up long before the
Internet opened private lives to the world are finding out
that Facebook and other sites are bringing up things better
left alone.

  Organize Your Documents

AskMen considers whether you should be optimistic or
depressed about the amount of money you have saved for

Motley Fool looks at the Baucus health-care plan.
TIME Europe reports that NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh
Rasmussen, who supports Obama's call for more European
troops in Afghanistan, says it's important to tell the "true
stories of what's going on.  Both the setbacks and the
Former President Bill Clinton says he doesn't think racism
is a principal factor in resistance to President Barack
Obama's plan for overhauling health care, according to AskMen.

Ian Norton talks to Chemistry World about engineering the
structure of foods to make them smarter and healthier.