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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2009-09-16

In this issue:  Robots in the battlefield, myths about swine
flu, and free child safety seat inspection.

A General claims in National Defense that a failure to use
the right robots in combat costs lives.

ifeminists lists 10 favorite feminist follies.  Ready for a
couple belly-laughs?

Popular Mechanics debunks five prevalent myths about swine flu.

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During the week of September 12-18 parents and caregivers
can get their child safety seats checked at one of the
thousands of free safety seat inspection stations set up
across the country, courtesy of the U.S. NHTSA.

In spite of the recession, AskMen says the demand for
marijuana is increasing.
Time Europe says we can learn a lot from how the past saw
the future -- and imagining how the future will see us.