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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2009-09-09

In this issue:  Buying friends, new credit card rules, and
photography tips.

---Approaching Strangers---
Approaching someone with confidence, from prospective
employers to total strangers, is something anyone can learn.
 AskMen breaks it down into four steps.

Motley Fool reports that EU regulators have opened an
antitrust investigation of Oracle's proposed acquisition of
Sun Microsystems.
A new web service allows you to "buy" Facebook friends --
and AskMen says Facebook isn't happy about it.

To those who did business with him, Phillip Garrido was a
quirky printing company owner, his main source of help a
young soft-spoken woman he allegedly held captive in a
ramshackle backyard compound for years, according to AskMen.
AskMen reports that an 18-year-old pleaded guilty to reduced
charges in Vermont's first "sexting" case, in which he
allegedly directed two teenage girls to videotape or
photograph themselves performing sex acts and send him the

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AskMen tells you what you need to know about credit cards
now that Congress has passed the Credit Card Accountability,
Responsibility and Disclosure Act.

Photography experts give indispensable tips on taking better
photos in Outside.

---Ted Kennedy---
The thing that sets Ted Kennedy apart, in an international
context, is neither his character nor his family.  Time
Europe says it is that he had a long and productive career
as a legislator.