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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2009-09-02

In this issue:  Results from Cash for Clunkers, the need for
research, and Ted Kennedy.

---Back to School---
AskMen reports that colleges across the country are seeing
spikes in the number of students with suspected cases of
swine flu as dorms fill up and classes begin for the fall

Motley Fool reports on a shareholder's calls for John
Mackey's removal as CEO of Whole Foods.  Should he stay or go?

---Cash for Clunkers---
HBS Working Knowledge says the government's "Cash for
Clunkers" program was poorly run and failed to meet its main
objectives, proving again the government has no business
trying to shape consumer behavior.
U.S. NHTSA declares the Cash for Clunkers program "Wildly
Successful."  The CARS program came to a close with nearly
700,000 clunkers taken off the roads.  Rebate applications
worth $2.877 billion were submitted under the $3 billion
provided by Congress to run the program.

---Health Care---
Motley Fool says America could learn something about health
care from one country across the pond.
What the doctor does has a big effect on how much health
care costs, according to Motley Fool.

  Automate Document Categorization:

Many people who did a Roth conversion last year have seen
their account values decline.  Financial Planning says now
is the time to look at recharacterization to eliminate the
tax liability on the lost account value.

BusinessWeek claims that reigniting basic scientific
research can repair the broken U.S. business model and put
Americans back to work.

---Ted Kennedy---
AskMen reports that Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, the last
surviving brother in an enduring political dynasty and one
of the most influential senators in history, died Tuesday
night at his home after a yearlong struggle with brain cancer.

An Ohio judge unhappy with repeated interruptions from a
robbery suspect ordered a deputy to put duct tape over the
defendant's mouth, according to AskMen.