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In this issue:  Health care, the housing market, and a
gender test.

Harvard Business School professor John Kotter, author of
Leading Change, talks about how to lead during a recession
in Inc.

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---Health Care---
AskMen summarizes the basics of the health care debate.
Time Europe reports on a small rally outside the U.S.
embassy in London on Aug. 19, where activists stood under a
banner that read: "Go for it America Our National Health
Service is a blessing for all."

People are talking about a housing bottom today?  Despite
the share price recoveries among beaten-down builders like
Lennar and D.R. Horton, Motley Fool remains skeptical.

South Africa's track and field federation had been asked to
conduct a gender test on an 800-meter runner amid concerns
she does not meet the requirements to compete as a woman,
according to AskMen.

AskMen reports that an AIDS advocacy group says it plans to
file complaints against 16 porn production companies for
filming unprotected sex.