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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2009-08-19

In this issue:  Energy Star, District 9, and shaping
opinions with statistics.

Texting while driving is dangerous.  Dialing is too.  Time
Europe ponders whether hands-free technology is that much safer.

Motley Fool is troubled by all of the whining about the economy.

---Energy Star---
It's been a rough few months for the Environmental
Protection Agency's Energy Star program, a voluntary
labeling system meant to guide consumers toward the most
energy-efficient appliances.  Popular Mechanics looks at the

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When director Neill Blomkamp designed the aliens for
District 9, he conceptualized and scrapped as many as 300
versions of the creepy critters, according to Popular Mechanics.

AskMen reports that the crew of two Egyptian fishing vessels
overpowered Somali pirates after being held hostage for four
months and, with machetes and tools, killed at least two
pirates before sailing to freedom.

---Rock Band---
On September 9, after three years of ardent courtship, tech
wizardry, and dizzying legal acrobatics, Wired says MTV
Games is releasing The Beatles: Rock Band, a multiplayer
title spanning the group's entire career.

AskMen looks at sports and Twitter.  Should players focus
more on playing the game than crafting the perfect
140-character trash tweet, or should teams try to tap
Twitter's full potential to engage their fan base?
ifeminists says we don't need to forgive Michael Vick.  It's
difficult to get over pure evil.  And that's exactly what
dog fighting is.

Fast Company says a good statistic is one that aids a
decision or shapes an opinion.  For a stat to do either of
those, it must be dragged within the everyday.

Back for its third season, the sexy, smart Mad Men is still
working its silences, according to Time Europe.

AskMen says Dutch researchers have created a free,
online-only game that challenges players to control a new
pandemic -- swine flu.