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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2009-08-05

In this issue:  The impact of electric cars on the grid,
fake endorsements for an anti-aging product, and the Fed's
low approval rating.

BusinessWeek says a housing upturn suggests recovery is near.

---Electric Cars---
The electric car revolution seems poised to take a dramatic
step forward.  Recently, a pair of announcements by the
mayors of Portland and San Francisco has created a friendly
rivalry between the two cities -- each one investing to be
the leader in electric vehicle infrastructure.  Popular
Mechanics examines the implications for the power grid.

International cancer experts have moved tanning beds and
other sources of ultraviolet radiation into the top cancer
risk category, according to AskMen.

---False Advertising---
Online ads for resveratrol are using fake endorsements from
experts and celebrities to promote the unproven anti-aging
product, according to BusinessWeek.

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Thanks to thumb-suckers at AT&T and Apple, Motley Fool says
iPhone owners won't be given access to Google Voice.

Is that the apocalypse, or is it just Shark Week --
returning Aug. 2 to Discovery Channel?  Time Europe says
this might be a metaphor for living in our media
environment: to spend every week titillated by unlikely threats.

Despite a charm offensive by Obama, BusinessWeek says
health-care proposals leave small businesses wary.
For a central bank dependent on Congress for bailout funds,
approval ratings matter.  And BusinessWeek says they're not
good for the Fed.

---Search Engines---
Search Engine Watch says the search deal announced between
Yahoo and Microsoft looks to be good for advertisers, but it
may not be enough for the new #2 search engine to knock
Google off its lofty perch.

Popular Mechanics says astronomers are carrying on their
sleepless race to record all the information they can from
Jupiter's collision before it's too late.