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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2009-07-15

In this issue:  Cybersecurity, reading faces, and an
analysis of the Somali pirates.

Motley Fool reports that Goldman had another ridiculously
profitable quarter.  But how long can it last?

HBS Working Knowledge describes how improved competition in
health insurance plans could improve value for patients.

Billy Mays was the king of the As Seen on TV pitch.  Mock
him all you want, but Search Engine Watch says there's a lot
in Mays' legacy that can be used to mold an effective search
marketing campaign that builds your brand online and drives

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---Michael Jackson---
Michael Jackson gets a big, cathartic memorial -- but that
doesn't mean the media frenzy will end.  Between the
memories and goodbyes, Time Europe says much of the memorial
was about the media.

When it comes to the Obama administration's promise to get a
handle on cybersecurity, be prepared for some turf wars, a
panel of experts warns in National Defense.

---Reading Faces---
AskMen explains how to read faces.  While not an exact
science, there are aspects of the face that may allow us to
make a judgment on somebody else.

Popular Mechanics describes ten wind turbines that push the
limits of design.
AskMen reports that China has stopped using shock therapy on
Internet addicts.
Wired provides an economic analysis of the Somali pirate
business model.  The rough fishermen of the so-called Somali
coast guard are unrepentant criminals, yes, but they're more
than that.  They're innovators.