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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2009-07-08

In this issue:  Cash for clunkers, life insurance, and
Amazon's battle over state sales tax.

BusinessWeek claims the "Cash for Clunkers" is a lemon.  Not
enough new-car buyers can take advantage of it, and the
program may even put more gas guzzlers on the road.

Wal-Mart is spearheading a government-backed effort to
create an "employer mandate" that would force most companies
to provide health insurance to employees.  With Wal-Mart's
size, Motley Fool points out that it might have an advantage
over its competitors in satisfying such a mandate.

---Life Insurance---
How much of a death benefit do you need from your life
insurance policy?  AskMen says the answer just might be none.

AskMen reports that the United States and Russia say they
are resuming military cooperation suspended after Russia
invaded its smaller neighbor Georgia last year.

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Motley Fool reports that two more states are turning to
directly taxing Internet retailers to offset a budget
shortfall, and how Amazon is reacting with its affiliate

---Tour de France---
In some ways, the Tour de France is one big bicycle-tech
trade show, where manufacturers debut the latest gizmos on
their team's race bikes, according to Popular Mechanics.

Popular Mechanics points out many activities available
across the country where you can help take care of veteran
needs and commemorate their service at national historic sites.