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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2009-07-01

In this issue:  Bernie Madoff's sentence, picnic recipes,
and Michael Jackson's money.

---Bernie Madoff---
AskMen reports that Bernard Madoff was sentenced to 150
years in prison Monday for fraud so extensive that the judge
said he needed to send a symbolic message to those who might
imitate him.

Seasoned Cooking provides some recipes for your Independence
Day picnic.

As it turns out, many health conditions don't care about a
man's age as much as we thought, according to AskMen.
While some germs may be outpacing our ability to kill them,
we're not completely defenseless.  In fact, Health says
there are plenty of things we can do to slow their spread.

---Flight 447---
Popular Mechanics looks at new findings on Air France 447 --
the flight computers and the crew may have been able to
inadvertently fly the aircraft beyond its structural design
limits, triggering an in-flight break-up.

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---Michael Jackson---
The Motley Fool discusses the money mess that Michael
Jackson left behind.

Switching financial planners can be a difficult, even
emotional decision.  BusinessWeek lists some things to
consider before breaking up with your current financial adviser.
Motley Fool provides some concrete examples of how
compounding of returns causes your money to grow, and a look
at what rate of return is reasonably achievable.

Reason ponders whether the economics of piracy demand the
privatization of the sea.

Mark Sanford, South Carolina's governor, has taken a swan
dive from the moral high ground, according to AskMen.

---Rail Accidents---
Popular Mechanics looks at 10 lessons learned from past rail