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In this issue:  Outlook for the economy, Father's Day, and

---Climate Change---
Popular Mechanics looks at climate change solutions from the
World Science Festival.

AskMen reports that surveys indicate more than 2 million
households were in danger of seeing their major broadcast TV
channels disappear into a fuzz of static when analog service
ended last Friday.
Home Theater reports that the Federal Communications
Commission has fielded more than 900,000 calls since analog
television broadcasting was shut down on Friday June 12.

Improved financial conditions are laying the groundwork for
a turnaround as investors' appetite for risk increases. 
Still, BusinessWeek says a second-half stumble could halt
the momentum.

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---Father's Day---
Popular Mechanics suggests eleven great Father's Day gifts
you can buy.
Popular Mechanics suggests ten Father's Day gifts you can
make yourself.

Could animal surveillance have seen swine flu coming? 
Scientific American says surveillance of animals for new flu
viruses has lagged behind preparations for the human
pandemics that can be caused by the bugs.

As protests in Iran continue, InternetNews says Twitter and
its Web host adjusted to avoid severing communications for
protesters, making this just the latest intersection between
social media and government.

Popular Mechanics reports on Brookhaven Lab's newest
particle accelerator, which promises to produce beams of
light small enough to aim at resolutions of one nanometer.

One country's bailout is another's industrial subsidy. 
BusinessWeek says rising tension could lead to damaging
trade wars.

If you're working on the language for a presentation,
preparing a cover letter or even just firing off a
two-sentence e-mail to a big client, it's pretty important
that you do not screw up.  AskMen provides four tips for
writing well.