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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2009-06-03

In this issue:  The collapse of GM, North Korea, and how to
read faster.

---Flight 447---
Popular Mechanics says aviation experts agree that it is
highly unlikely that lightning alone caused the crash of Air
France Flight 447.

---General Motors---
Popular Mechanics analyzes the future for GM's products.
Now that GM has finally crashed, Motley Fool ponders what's
Can GM make electric vehicles relevant? Popular Mechanics
says electric vehicles aren't simply for niche markets; they
are the future of a sustainable global automotive industry.

MyBusiness says key stakeholders in the healthcare debate --
including small business owners, healthcare providers,
individuals and even health insurance companies -- all agree
that something must be done to fix America's healthcare system.

  Document Clustering:

Popular Mechanics looks at neuroergonomics, a merger of
neuroscience, the study of the brain, with ergonomics, the
study of how to design systems and technologies to be more
compatible with what we know about human capabilities and
When it comes to figuring what to do with a state like North
Korea that responds to neither the carrots nor the sticks of
conventional international relations, Time Europe says Obama
appears as powerless as those who have preceded him.
As the time draws near, many questions remain about how
Obama will shake up government cybersecurity, according to
Obama says Sotomayor's roots show a concern for ordinary
people.  Time Europe says her record is more muddled.

---Read Faster---
These basic techniques along with some consistent practice
will increase your reading speed and accuracy without taking
away from your overall reading comfort, according to AskMen.