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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2009-05-13

In this issue:  Surviving bankruptcy, more on pandemics, and
strategy for Afghanistan.

AskMen reports on Connie Culp, the recipient of the first
face transplant.

With their investment portfolio in tatters, BusinessWeek
reports on a couple that found ways to cut spending by
$24,000 a year and rebuild their savings.
AskMen provides tips to help you survive bankruptcy and
rebuild during these trying times.

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The so-far mild swine flu outbreak has many people saying
all the talk about a devastating global epidemic was just
fear-mongering hype.  But AskMen says that's not how public
health officials see it.
The H1N1 virus may be fizzling out for now, but new diseases
will always threaten us, warns Time Asia, unless we
strengthen our global warning system
BusinessWeek says NIH researchers are using supercomputers
to track the spread of diseases in virtual worlds to help
predict what will happen in the real world.
A group at Virginia Tech is working with the U.S. Department
of Defense to tackle the swine flu (H1N1) outbreak,
according to IEEE Spectrum.

Popular Mechanics ponders what the firing of 4-star General
McKiernan means for the strategy in Afghanistan.
Popular Mechanics analyzes smart ways to fix American
infrastructure with money provided by the American Recovery
and Reinvestment Act.
Dick Cheney made clear he'd rather follow firebrand
broadcaster Rush Limbaugh into political battle over the
future of the Republican Party, according to AskMen.

AskMen reports that the personal doctor to a professional
wrestler who killed himself, his wife and their 7-year-old
son was sentenced to 10 years in prison for illegally
distributing prescription drugs to patients.