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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2009-04-29

In this issue:  More efficient cars, reducing energy leaks
in your home, and bad ways to get quick cash.

BusinessWeek reports on a new book by Frank Partnoy about
Ivar Kreuger, the so-called Match King, who used a pyramid
scheme to become the financier to European leaders.  And
then the market crashed.

Popular Mechanics reports on the Alternative Fuels and
Vehicles Conference.
Popular Mechanics examines the road to 35 MPG.  The real
challenge becomes how to combine the various improvements
without making cars more expensive.
Popular Mechanics claims the Pontiac brand is a star in the
entertainment world, and gives examples.

In today's climate of economic uncertainty, BusinessWeek
spells out what we know, and what we don't.

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This Old House points out that the Department of Energy's
website can help you detect and remedy energy leaks in your home

In need of quick cash?  AskMen provides a list of financial
services that you should avoid.
Obama says unfair credit card terms and conditions are
worsening consumers' indebtedness, according to Bank Systems
& Technology.

Popular Mechanics takes a look inside Maryland's new
biosafety level 4 lab.

David Kellermann, the 41-year-old CFO of Freddie Mac, was
found dead in an apparent suicide, according to Bank Systems
& Technology.