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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2009-04-08

In this issue:  Detecting the Conficker worm, doling out
blame for the financial crisis, and pistachio recalls.

Popular Mechanics tells you how to find out if your computer
is infected with the Conficker worm.

Motley Fool debates who is more to blame for the financial
mess, Congress or the repealers of the Glass-Steagall Act.
Was it Wall Street's excesses, or the media's failure to
report on them that contributed the most to the meltdown? 
Motley Fool looks at the issue.
Sadly, the April Fool's joke by the Motley Fool actually
reflects what is really going on with the government bailouts.

  Document Clustering:

BusinessWeek says that TVs and PCs may soon work like the
Wii.  Real-world devices with gesture-reading abilities are
set to debut next year.
Energy Star 3.0 requires certified TV sets to be 30 percent
more energy efficient than non-certified ones, according to
Home Theater.

---Food Safety---
Food Engineering reports that the FDA has announced two
pistachio recalls, which are not related to the ongoing PCA
peanut recalls.

From smoke alarms to automatic sprinkler systems, This Old
House tells you how to protect your home and family from
fire's devastating effects.

CultureVulture says The Tudors still has it all - power,
romance, treachery, sex, murder and great pageantry.