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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2009-03-25

In this issue:  Websites for business info, the risk of
cyber attack, and lowering your energy bill.

Surfing the web for top-notch research and advice to help
your business grow?  Save some time with ten
information-rich websites listed in Entrepreneur.

Job Journal points out some potential future careers like
steganography, forensic nursing, and life care planning.

---Cyber Attack---
How vulnerable is U.S. infrastructure to a major cyber
attack?  Popular Mechanics says the next world war might not
start with a bang, but with a blackout.

Registered Rep. reports on new Fed action to boost the economy.

  Document Clustering:

AskMen says you can lower your spring energy bill without
spending a dime.

The Motley Fool describes a new Disney attraction that
teaches personal finance.

For some of the world's top filmmakers, digital 3-D is the
future of movies, according to Time Europe.

Home Theater reports that 158 more stations plan to complete
their switch from analog to digital broadcasting before June
12's final drop-dead deadline.