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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2009-03-11

In this issue:  Poorly designed gadgets, the making of
Watchmen, and the race for space dominance.

The production model Chevrolet Volt, unveiled last
September, has improved upon the aerodynamics of the concept
without losing its look -- it's now the slipperiest
production car the company has ever designed, according to

Popular Mechanics describes five design flaws that ruined
otherwise smart gadgets.

---Making of Watchmen---
Popular Mechanics takes a look at the technology behind
Rorschach's mask in the Watchmen movie.  Although
Manhattan's artistic creation was by the book, the director
had something different in mind for Rorschach.
Popular Mechanics looks at the making of Watchmen's Dr.
Manhattan.  Typically, motion capture is the basis for the
movement of CG characters, but that wouldn't work in this case.

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AskMen applies some Canadian common sense to provide some
tips about personal finance the U.S. might want to consider
following in these tough economic times.

National Defense reports that senators are appose divorcing
FEMA from the From Homeland Security Department.  A
Congressional report took a historical look at FEMA -- the
good times and bad -- and concluded that the agency didn't
necessarily perform well when it stood alone.
National Defense says U.S. Customs and Border Protection now
employs more than 18,000 border personnel, and aims to
increase the number to 20,000 by September.
Make better use of your daily hours, at home or at the
office, with these four simple steps from AskMen.
Popular Mechanics takes a look at the capabilities of the
top -- and most-talked-about -- space-faring nations in what
may be a new world order.  The race is on for space dominance.