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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2009-03-04

In this issue:  The homeowner rescue plan, Obama's speech
before Congress, and changes to the tax code.

---Customer Support---
Inc. reports on a website that has mapped out the automated
customer service phone trees of 200 companies.

A Motley Fool author is against the homeowner rescue plan,
but not because of a fear of socialism.

  Document Clustering:

Registered Rep. says that Madoff Victims are going after
solvent parent companies.  How Tremont Group Holdings plans
to defend itself against claims that it was "reckless" with
client money that was invested in Madoff funds is something
anyone interested in how fund of fund companies conduct due
diligence -- will be watching.

Bank Systems & Technology reports on Obama's speech before
Congress.  He expressed his confidence in the banking system
itself, reassuring Americans that their money was safe in
the nation's banks.  What he said was of concern to him was
the credit crisis.

Registered Rep. says financial advisors catering to the
affluent will have a new disaster to talk about:  Obama's
tax hikes and closing of personal exemptions and itemized