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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2009-01-07

In this issue:  Diets, banks seeking deposits, and New
Year's Resolutions.

If losing weight is at the top of your resolution list,
you're not alone.  Health surveys the 10 healthiest diets.

Popular Mechanics reveals homemade remedies to remove
caked-on dirt and more from the the grill, the microwave,
the dishwasher, glass shower doors and other challenging

Time Europe explains why banks are interested in your boring
deposit dollars, and how to maximize the payoff.

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---New Year's Resolutions---
IEEE Spectrum provides ten New Year's resolutions to take
control of your work life.
Popular Mechanics has some New Year's Resolutions for you: 
Learn why men should start smoking, spend more time on the
couch, drink more and pick up some weight (not what you think).

China has nearly completed a first wave of storage
facilities capable of storing 102 million barrels of crude
oil -- and that's just the beginning, according to Popular

---Year End Review---
Part 1 of Information Today's review of 2008 and trends
watch -- the most important stories and trends in the world
of media, technology, information science and policy.