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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2008-12-31

Hot Neuron wishes our readers a happy New Year.

In this issue:  Insta-workouts, collecting IOUs, and setting

---Emergency Preparedness---
Besides your finances, you should try to prepare for any
potential disasters.  One of the best ways is to make a
72-hour kit.  AskMen explains how.

Want to get in shape on your coffee break?  Outside suggests
trying insta-workouts -- just don't get carried away.

Computing Unplugged provides 10 tips for staying safe online.

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You can still get your moola back while keeping your
relationship -- and your sanity -- intact.  Simply read
AskMen's helpful hints on how to collect IOUs and personal

---Self Improvement---
The aim of this AskMen article is to help the reader
establish and maintain a method of setting goals that
balance ambitions with limitations.
Any reasonable combination of leisure and learning can help
you strike that all-important balance of relaxation and
personal enrichment, according to AskMen.