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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2008-12-03

In this issue:  Business books, investment ideas, and
Obama's economic team.

The Motley Fool suggests that the Supreme Court should have
something to say about the Congress, the Federal Reserve,
and the Treasury Department mortgaging the future of the
The Federal Reserve's $800 billion plan to unlock credit
markets boosts its assets to around $3 trillion.  The bold
move has its fans -- and critics, according to BusinessWeek.
BusinessWeek says jobs, spending, and banks' balance sheets
will continue to deteriorate until the housing market stands
on solid ground.

BusinessWeek provides listing of popular books on all
aspects of business life and personal productivity and finance.

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Depending on what your risk tolerance is and when you will
need to tap into your reserves, AskMen provides five good
bets for your money going into the New Year.

Barack Obama's energy plan seeks to turbocharge America's
eco-friendly businesses and keep jobs at home.  But
BusinessWeek says the hurdles are high.
BusinessWeek looks at Obama's economic team.  Hailing from
academia and government, several are battle-hardened,
market-oriented veterans of international financial crises.