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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2008-11-26

Hot Neuron wishes our readers in the U.S. a good Thanksgiving.

In this issue:  Feasibility of biofuels, preparing for the
holidays, and technologies you should keep an eye on.

Information Age says high-profile individuals, across both
the political and corporate arenas, are increasingly having
their personal data targeted in "spearphishing" attacks.

The Motley Fool takes a quick look at the new Secretary of
the Treasury, Tim Geithner.

IEEE Spectrum reports that Georgia Tech's Deepak Divan finds
that Earth's land and water cannot sustainably support the
most ambitious visions for ethanol or biofuels.  But he sees
great promise in other renewable energy.

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Popular Mechanics provides great ideas for cleaning and
getting your home in shape to receive visitors.
Use these Christmas budget tips from AskMen to enjoy this
holiday season.

Popular Mechanics looks at concepts ranging from energy
scavenging to low rolling-resistance tires that are expected
to make headlines in 2009.

The switch to digital television is supposed to be simple. 
IEEE Spectrum says it's not.