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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2008-11-19

In this issue:  Netbooks, recycling, and the safety of your
drinking water.

Employers facing a recession will eliminate jobs and slash
benefits before they cut wages, according to BusinessWeek.

InternetNews provides ten tips for scoring a sweet netbook.
 Because you can never be too rich, too thin or have too
many netbooks.

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson's recent comments about his
shifting strategy for tackling the financial crisis have
made many people wonder whether they're being robbed blind.

Entrepreneur introduces Kiwi, a way to outsmart your gas tank.

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Popular Mechanics gives the bottom line on the cost to
recycle five different products ranging from aluminum to
Food Processing reports that America's first LEED
Gold-certified food manufacturing plant says it's seeing a
significant financial return on the environmentally friendly

The Defense Department has partnered with Seattle startup to
launch video site to keep military personnel in touch with
their families, according to InternetNews.

Aerators cap the ends of most drinking-water faucets. 
Science News says if you're not cleaning them out regularly,
you might be developing a toxic mini gravel field that your
drinking water passes through.
Scientific American says next-generation automotive safety
technology could give us vehicles that are difficult to
crash -- and eventually may not need drivers at all

The Motley Fool provides an open letter to the Somali Pirates.
Scientific American wonders how badly damaged the
archaeological remains of ancient Mesopotamia are.