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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2008-10-29

Congratulations to the Phillies!

In this issue:  The best health insurance, Halloween
costumes, and Internet voting.

Home Theater says Samsung Blu-ray players are learning some
new tricks -- like streaming movies rented from Netflix's
online service and music from Pandora Radio.

Do you feel sleepy, heavy and bloated after a big plate of
spaghetti?  AskMen says you may have gluten sensitivity or
celiac disease.  Going gluten-free with your diet might be
the only way to overcome this.
While health-care costs won't stop rising, we can curb our
spending.  AskMen provides a list of the five best health
insurance plans based on best value.

Popular Mechanics looks at three great DIY Halloween costumes.

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Google CEO Eric Schmidt hit the campaign trail this week
with presidential candidate Barack Obama.  Search Engine
Watch ponders whether he crossed the line.

Popular Mechanics says Internet voting is hard to get right.
 Computer scientists have repeatedly warned of the dangers
of transferring even the most heavily encrypted data online.